Discover our delicious range of teas that use only certified organic tea with natural ingredients and flavours. 

With up to 3 times more antioxidants than regular loose leaf tea, we make tea that is good for you and ready when you are.

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Our Teas

Let us help you find your perfect tea.

With certified organic tea and only natural ingredients, our convenient single serve sachets means our tea is always ready when you are

What are our customers saying?

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers think about our tea!

Loving the green herbal flavour without any metallic taste from brewing and straining tea leaves... you definitely have a new customer!

 - Tristina

I'm loving the teas by the way... Thank you for your amazing customer service.


I've loved having my skinny & cleansing tea today they are just delish!

- Casey


 Bought your tea 5 day tea detox and love it! 

Will be making a order to purchase more, thanks for the experience


- Renee

IN2TEA hibiscus detox, skinny and cleansing teas
How is IN2TEA different?

The power of tea extract

All teas were not created equal. Find out how our tea can provide you with even more amazing health benefits than regular loose leaf green tea.

IN2TEA green tea range
Feel like a detox or cleanse?

Less than $2 per day

For less than half a cup of coffee you could be looking and feeling your best with one of our tea detoxes or cleanses


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