We are tea,
But not as you know it...
However you like

Our tea dissolves instantly in cold or hot water, juices, and smoothies. So you can have the perfect tea your way every time.

Extra health benefits

Our slow evaporation process intensifies health benefits, creating high levels of polyphenols like antioxidants and amino acids - check out our chart below to see the results

Anywhere, anytime

Our tea comes in convenient individually sealed sachets that can be taken anywhere. No matter how busy your day is, our tea is ready when you are

Organic and natural

We use only certified organic tea and natural ingredients to create our delicious blends. No artificial anything means our tea is good for you inside out




Instant tea - also know as tea crystals or tea extract, is simply the natural process of extracting the flavour and nutrients from regular tea into a more condensed crystal form. Think of it as similar to instant coffee, but with better health benefits!

To create our teas, we start with the finest certified organic tea and natural ingredients. The tea is then brewed, finely filtered and evaporated over a low heat for 72 hours.

During our brewing and filtering process all sediments, heavy metals and solid parts of the tea (such as the stem) are removed. These elements are heavy in tannins and usually cause bitterness in tea, removing them allows our tea to have a refreshingly light and smooth flavour with no developing bitter aftertaste - even after 12 hours!

During the evaporation process, the natural concentration of antioxidants and amino acids are further intensified, making our tea even more beneficial for your body than regular loose leaf tea - take a look at the chart below to really see the difference!

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