IN2TEA was founded by 2 Melbourne sisters Hannah and Kate, with a passion for tea - and like everyone a lack of time!

One day while holidaying overseas, they were given a small sachet and asked to add it to their water bottle, which instantly turned - you guessed it - in to tea!

The sisters could not believe the delicious flavour, natural ingredients, health benefits and convenience that had all been packed into one tiny sachet. The only problem was what to drink once the holiday was over?

Determined to bring this little sachet of tealiciousness back home to share with their friends and family, they worked for many many weeks, sent many many more emails and 9 months later... IN2TEA was born!

They continue to spread their love of tea in convenient sachets around the world, and hope that they can help you find your favourite flavour to enjoy anytime, anywhere :-)

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