Our 5 day hibiscus tea detox is the perfect support to a routine of healthy eating and exercise, or a great start to one!

The detox plan consists of two teas and is super easy to follow, simply drink one tea in the morning and one at night. Our morning hibiscus tea is floral and refreshing with a sweet finish, perfect to start the day. Our evening cleansing tea is caffeine free, which ensures you have a well-deserved nights rest.


Our tea detox is designed to be taken with a balanced diet and regular exercise for best results, and is laxative free.

Hibiscus detox tea - to be taken in the morning before or after breakfast


Our detox tea is a combination of the finest certified organic black tea, hibiscus petals, rose petals and stevia. A sweet and floral flavour with great health benefits, our customers describe this tea as tasting like a turkish delight.


Drinking our hibiscus detox tea can provide you with the following health benefits;


- High in antioxidants which help fight and neutralise free radicals in the body
- Theaflavins in black tea can lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease
- Hibiscus tea is higher in polyphenols than any other tea
- The acids found in hibiscus can lower blood pressure and cholesterol
- Rose petals are naturally high in vitamin C, antioxidants and polyphenols
- Lemons are high in vitamin C, can boost the immune system and aid digestion
- Stevia is a natural plant-based sweetener, and can lower blood sugar levels

Cleansing tea - to be taken at night before bed


Our Cleansing tea is made from a combination of the finest lotus leaves, mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum petals and luo han guo fruit. It has a subtle smokey flavour similar to a light black tea, with a fresh and sweet finish, and its caffeine free ensures you have a well-deserved nights sleep.


Drinking our cleansing tea can provide you with the following health benefits:

- Lotus leaf has high levels of L-carnitine and taurine which can promote weight loss
-  Mulberry leaf is naturally high in antioxidants and amino acids
- Mulberry leaf is naturally high in vitamins, A, C, B1, B2 and B6
- Chrysanthemum flowers are naturally high in vitamins A and C
- Luo han guo fruit is a natural sweetener, and can aid digestion

- Caffeine free


Our teas come in convenient individual sachets, ready to instantly make you the perfect cup of tea in hot or cold water. The 100% natural ingredients are good for your body whilst providing the maximum health benefits.
There is no brewing time, and the tea will last up to 12 hours without turning bitter. They are perfect to keep in your bag for work or add to your water bottle, juices or smoothies for a healthy flavour boost.


Simply add to water, stir and enjoy!


Hibiscus detox tea ingredients: Certified organic black tea, natural hibiscus petals, rose petals and stevia.


Cleansing tea ingredients: Natural lotus leaf, mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum petal and luo han guo fruit.

Hibiscus tea detox - 5 Days and nights