Our skinny tea combines the finest certified organic oolong tea with natural lotus leaf, cassia seed, honeysuckle, ginseng and stevia. This unique blend offers you multiple health benefits with a deliciously smokey light black tea flavour and sweet finish.


Drinking our slimming tea will offer you the following health benefits:


- Oolong tea contains high levels of polymerized polyphenols which can burn energy faster

- Lotus leaf has high levels of L-carnitine and taurine that can promote weight loss

- Cassia seed can prevent the absorption of fats and carbohydrates

- Honeysuckle can be an anti-inflammatory and help clean toxins from the body

- Naturally high in antioxidants which help fight and neutralise free radicals in the body

- Provides both catechins and theaflavins which can lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease

- Natural polyphenols present in oolong tea can work as anti-allergenic compounds to benefit skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

- L-Theanine in oolong tea can reduce stress

- Ginseng can increase endurance and prevent fatigue

- Stevia is a natural plant-based sweetener and can lower blood sugar levels


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Our pure tea extracts come in convenient individual sachets, ready to instantly make you the perfect cup of tea in hot or cold water.


There is no brewing time, and the tea will last up to 12 hours without turning bitter. They are perfect to keep in your bag for work or add to your water bottle, juices or smoothies for a healthy flavour boost.


Simply add to water, stir and enjoy!


Ingredients: Certified organic oolong tea, lotus leaf, cassia seed, honeysuckle, ginseng, stevia

Skinny tea - Jar of 30

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