Our Hibiscus detox tea is a delicious blend of the finest certified organic black tea, hibiscus petals, rose petals and stevia.

A sweet and floral flavour, similar to turkish delight with multiple health benefits and gorgeous natural pink colour of the hibiscus flower.

Drinking our hibiscus detox tea will provide you with the following benefits:

- Naturally high in antioxidants which help fight and neutralise free radicals in the body
- Theaflavins in black tea can lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease
- Hibiscus tea is higher in polyphenols than any other tea
- The natural acids found in hibiscus can lower blood pressure and cholesterol
- Rose petals are naturally high in vitamin C, antioxidants and polyphenols
- Stevia is a natural plant-based sweetener with no calories and can lower blood sugar levels

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Our pure tea extracts come in convenient individual sachets, ready to instantly make you the perfect cup of tea in hot or cold water.

There is no brewing time, and the tea will last up to 12 hours without turning bitter. They are perfect to keep in your bag for work or add to your water bottle, juices or smoothies for a healthy and delicious flavour boost.
Simply add to water, stir and enjoy!

Ingredients: Certified organic black tea, natural hibiscus, natural rose, natural stevia.

PLEASE NOTE: Our hibiscus container is currently out of stock, your tea will be packed in our IN2TEA custom order box, thank you!

Hibiscus Detox tea - Jar of 30